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  • 7-CABIN Condo Association which means that a SYSTEM IS IN PLACE whereby garbage is picked up, all yard maintenance is done for you, and other details are professionally handled through the association. When you belong to a condo association, it means simplicity--even the opening and closing of your cabin is done for you at a time specified by you. Our association also takes direct interest in the common areas of the resort. It recently completed a project removing hazardous dead trees and planting new trees in their place.
  • ASSOCIATION DUES are $100/month and have not been raised in over 5 years and Treasurer provides FINANCIAL REPORTS annually.
  • The association keeps a RESERVE ACCOUNT for emergencies and special projects, presently a balance of over $5,000.
  • Since this is a condo association, your TAXES are under $1,000 per year.
  • One cabin owner lives on the grounds year-round and one other comes and goes all year, so someone is able to "keep an eye out for your cabin" during the winter when it is shut down.
  • You have the right, as written in your condo docs, to EXPAND YOUR CABIN by 10 extra feet on the road side. You will notice that the doorway on the road side is not utilizing the entire width of the cabin so that equals considerably more than 10' x width of the cabin for an expansion.
  • You also have the right to WINTERIZE YOUR CABIN and have year-round rentals. Since there is a snowmobile trail within 1/8 mile of your cabin, you would have no problem renting out during snowmobile season. (Option to spend Thanksgiving or Christmas at your cabin).
  • CABIN RENTAL SYSTEM is already in place. Hillcrest Resort has a website, an 800#, and one of our owners volunteers to take the calls for the 800# and secures rentals for every rental cabin. Most of our rentals come from our ad in the Manitowish Waters Chamber of Commerce. Many are repeat renters. Our reservationist sends an email to the owner and to the renter instructing the renter to send their $200 deposit to the owner. When the owner receives it, they can send a receipt either by mail or online. I usually add a FORM letter and plug in their name and dates of rental. Easy system for a busy owner. When I receive the final payment, then I mail a PAID-IN-FULL receipt with a form REMINDER letter.
  • CABIN CLEANING SYSTEM is already in place at a reasonable fee. Our maintenance person is incredibly dependable and will mail/email you a bill for cleaning the cabin. He is also very able to make most repairs, including electrical and plumbing. That's it.
  • The rental season is from May to October. The rental fee is $900/week. This cabin is one of 3 cabins at Hillcrest Resort that accepts pets. You will have the option to be a pet-full or a pet-free cabin. Allowing pets brings in a pet fee of $50/per pet. I have one person who has brought 2 dogs every year, same week for at least 8 years now--extra $100 fee. We have never had a pet issue, as we have always had thoughtful renters and we spell out the pet rules. We also charge a fee of $25 for any extra people over 4 people. All this EXTRA INCOME can be applied to your mortgage, thus reducing your yearly cost of owning this fine cabin. This adds up to a good value. Your working monthly expenses are the $100 association fee, weekly cleaning fee, propane gas and electric.
  • If you do have questions or experiences, you have 6 other cabin owners who may have dealt with your issue and be able to ADVISE OR HELP.
  • As an owner, you have the OPTION to rent out the cabin or to hold it for only your personal use.
  • If desired, you may also assume ownership of the CABIN WEBSITE ( and the local telephone number (715) 95-CABIN to help enhance your cabin rentals. You can be as involved as you want to be in the rental and management of your cabin. Most of the owners leave their rentals in the trusty hands of our reservationist.
  • If you claim rental expenses on your taxes, you can use the cabin yourself strictly for pleasure for 14 days per year with no tax penalties, not to mention all the other days you spend preparing it for rental. This is a sweet deal!